The Beauty of World Banknotes


The Fascinating Hobby of World Banknote Collecting

World banknotes are often colorful engraved pieces of art depicting the history, economy, geography and people of countries from around the world.

For a beginner, this hobby can be an inexpensive way to explore the world, let’s take a look.

The Beauty of Banknote Art

Banknotes can be works of art

Each year the international Banknote Society selects a Banknote of the Year. Here are a few past winners.

Discover World Geography

Do you know the difference between Guinea and Guyana? How about Slovakia and Slovenia? Sri Lanka and Ceylon (Trick Question)?

You will once you start collecting.


Explore World Economic Conditions

Imagine a country that issues a 1 cent note and a 100 Trillion Dollar banknote all within a year.

It happened in Zimbabwe in 2007 & 2008.


Sometimes inflation happens so fast that old notes are overprinted with new values.

A Brazil 5,000 Cruzados note becomes a 5 Cruzados Novos


Banknote collecting can be inexpensive

One can buy 50 different notes for under $20 on eBay.

TIPS:  Be sure to collect Uncirculated banknotes as they can be traded and hold value better than commonly circulated notes.

Banknotes from high inflation countries tend to be very inexpensive to collect, often under $1 each.


World Currencies

Ever hear of a Florin, Manat, Real, Escudo, Colon or a Sucre?



People often specialize in specific topics. Here are just two examples.

Leaders / Heroes